Your home, office, hotel, studio, on-set, concert venue, or on tour

Chair massage available for corporate events, parties, fundraisers

Massage parties: table or chair massage at your birthday, bachelorette, get togethers such as mother's day, friends day, open house, etc

Massage Therapy

The Specialist: 60 - 90 minutes

Concentrated, detailed massage techniques designed to alleviate tendonitis, plantar fasciitisshin splints, neck/back/hip/knee/or leg pain, headaches, TMJ, chronic pain, carpal tunnel, recover from injury, increase mobility, etc. Go home feeling like a new person.

The Mixer: 90 - 120 minutes

For those who want a full body relaxing massage along with an area of tension/stress they want worked out.  Swedish relaxing massage will be combined with deep tissue to work out the tension, relax and rejuvenate you.

Sports Massage:   60 - 120 minutes

Various massage techniques, range of motion and stretching when needed used to keep the athlete's body at it's optimal performance.  Sports massage can help you maintain your elite performance level, help you recover from a game, workout session, or injury, improve performance, speed, strength & agility, keep you on the court/field/stage longer, and help you move with greater ease and confidence.

Energy Massage: 60 minutes - 2 1/2 hrs

The Body, Mind, Spirit Ultimate Bliss; A soothing massage to release your physical and mental stress, followed by energy work that induces a deep sense of inner peace. Pent-up emotions of worry, fear, anxiety, and sadness dissipate so that you leave feeling light, happy, and reenergized. Clients have reported healing from migraines and the pain of shingles, visions of past lives, connections with their inner child, and insights into past traumatic events, current dilemmas, and their true purpose. Some have experienced their higher selves, thereby gaining the wisdom, resources, and courage to profoundly alter their lives. You may even feel as if you've visited another planet or another realm of being.

Swedish Bliss: 1 - 2 hours

Escape the stess of everyday life with this pure Swedish relaxation massage. Journey off to another realm as you let go and your body relaxes. A great time to add Arcing Light Energy work to your session as well.

Massage Therapy:

Office rates: $100/hour
$425/package of 5 ($85/hour)
$85/hour - monthly commitment

Out call rates:


Energy Healing:

$130/hour $65/30 minutes
$360/package of 3-60 minute sessions
$165/package of 3-30 minute sessions
$1000/package of 10-60 minute sessions
$500/package of 10-30 minute sessions

Energy Massage:

Depends on combination time of massage/energy work

During our Arcing Light sessions, Ann helped me to identify intentions for myself and my life. I was given the space to simply be and I was able to practice becoming more attuned to my breathing patterns. The experience was a nurturing space to feel my emotions truthfully, while encouraging inner transformation.
Ann's delightfully calming presence facilitated my emergence into a flow state filled with a nourishing sense of warmth. This place felt childlike and freeing, and I became aware of how my hands vibrated as they clutched the healing crystals. Symbolic visions came to me while I was in this state, which later served me in my creative work.
Simply put, Ann has a kind of spark that makes me believe in angels. My sessions with Ann were pivotal in helping me release long held onto grief and grasping a new sense of what is possible for me as an artist.

-Marian Liddell

Medical disclaimer: Energy work is for energy, spiritual, and relaxation purposes and is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition. If you have a medical condition you should consult your medical doctor.


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Arcing Light Energy:

Arcing Light Energy work is a high vibrational loving, nurturing energy that is powerful yet gentle and is beneficial in recharging and balancing energy fields promoting calmness as well as a feeling of wellness and wholeness.  Arcing Light Energy uses a dimensional overlay to bring light energy through the healers hands, & modifies cellular energy with radial light to create a healthy, natural state.  It releases the body of anxiety and toxins that build up density and create dis-ease (stress).

Arcing Light Energy works on all conditions of emotions relating to fear, confusion, stress, and other problems connected with the deeper psyche.  It works on the inner root core and corrects the movement of the cells energy to become perfectly balanced and flowing; bridges the mind - body - spirit connection, integrating the energies of all three; can override energy imbalances or blocks thus relieving symptoms typical of stress and illness; and also provides co-radial and co-axle energies that work on mobility problems (hips, knees, ankles, joints) and all types of head, back and neck problems.

Get clarity regarding a situation happening in your life, a relationship, or your life purpose
Release anxiety, worry, fear, doubt
Open and unleash your creativity
Unlock your potential - athletes, performers, writers
Get connected to your inner/higher self
Quiet your mind

Each person has their own experience

Healing energies are coming through in all of Ann's work which is one component that sets her work apart from others.



Ann is AMAZING!  I've been getting massage from her for over 5 years and she's the only person who has ever managed to make my back feel better.  Also, within the past year and a half I've been getting arcing light from Ann and it has literally changed my life!  The energy work was incredibly soothing.  In the session I could actually see dark rings/circles leaving my body and beautiful shades of pinks, blues, purples and whites entering in.  The arcing light has helped to ease my tension/stress headaches, helped me sleep more soundly, and provided me with relationship clarity.  Truly a healing experience! -Amanda F.

After my second Arcing Light session I was so extraordinarily happy I couldn't stop smiling.
Business owner